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FRELO Mold Inhibitor

FRELO Mold Inhibitor protects from mold and mildew

One Job - One Solution

Some contractors use a biocide to kill mold, and then give the exposed areas a coating of anti-fungal paint in an attempt to prevent the return of mold. FRELO Mold Inhibitor accomplishes both tasks.

Environmentally Safe Waste Disposal

FRELO Mold Inhibitor renders the mold and mildew residue environmentally harmless for handling and disposal. This greatly reduces handling and disposal procedures and costs. (Check with local standards for compliance).

More Flexibility Less Tear Down

FRELO Mold Inhibitor can be used as a spray, mist or vaporizer. Itís unique air penetration qualities allow the contractor to reach areas that may otherwise have to be torn down and removed. Because FRELO Mold Inhibitor renders mold environmentally safe, removal in hard to-get areas may not be required, although the contractor should always check and comply with local authorities and standards.

Tests that have been conducted on FRELO Mold Inhibitor

  • ASTM D 3273-00
  • ASTM D 3274-00

Laboratory tests available for review

Download the FRELO Mold Inhibitor Brochure For more detailed information about FRELO Mold Inhibitor, download our brochure or call our office at (870)777-7637. If you still have questions email us and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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