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FRELO HomeGuard

One Job, One Solution

Now we have developed a blend that combines all three products into one. FRELO HomeGuard combines several different products to allow just one application, from the top of the house to the basement, inside and outside, to give the entire home or structure extra protection against fire, mold, mildew and fungi.

Ideally, FRELO HomeGuard would be used during and after construction to treat inside the walls and spaces as well as to provide a lifetime shield to the outer walls, ceilings and floor sheathing.

See FRELO HomeGuard in Action See FRELO HomeGuard in Action

Download the FRELO HomeGuard Brochure For more detailed information about FRELO HomeGuard, download our brochure or call our office at (870)777-7637. If you still have questions email us and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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