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Independent Sales Representative

Join the Frelo "Green Team." Our company is looking for people who have a burning desire to represent a line of products that remediate hydrocarbon spills to products that provide fire protection for fabrics. As an independent sales representative, you are not required to stock product, handle accounts receivable, or purchase a territory.

Make $50K to $100K or more selling Frelo's exclusive "GREEN" products including:

  • Frelo Max Clean - a new "green" degreasing compound.
  • Frelo Mold Inhibitor - A mold and mildew remediation and prevention product.
  • Frelo ODMO - a product that kills and prevents the growth of mold and other microbial growth that cause odor.
  • Frelo BlazeMaster: a fire retardant for natural and man-made fibers.
  • Frelo Hydrocarbon Converter for oil, gas, fuel oil, grease, creosote, sludge or other hydrocarbon clean up jobs.
  • Frelo HomeGuard: a fire retardant for new home construction.

For more information and a confidential interview e-mail your resume and background information to: Frelo is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome your contact and inquiry regarding employment.

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