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FRELO Hyrdocarbon Converter renders hydrocarbon residue environmentally safe FRELO Hydrocarbon Converter is a specifically blended silicate-based liquid that will reduce hydrocarbons upon contact when applied to impacted soils, surfaces and groundwater. FRELO Hydrocarbon Converter has been successfully used in the "catalytic conversion" of organic environmental contaminants with minimal effort and application techniques. When applied to impacted soil, a minimal reaction time renders the contaminant irreversibly altered and the contaminant, if hazardous, no longer possesses its chemical fingerprint. The compound that forms is an organo-silicate residue with the consistency and makeup of sand. Treated soils are rendered more amenable to reclamation.

FRELO Hydrocarbon Converter is a blend of environmentally friendly compounds, which display no hazardous waste characteristics either by ignitability, corrosivity or reactivity. The product is not altered chemically and will not form harmful intermediates when blended with hazardous chemicals. FRELO Hydrocarbon Converter conforms to "non-hazardous substances" defined under the Clean Water Act, RCRA, the Clean Air Act, and TSCA. It is not a carcinogen and is not listed on OSHA, IARC, or NTP Monograms. It also passes the 48-hour Acute Toxicity Bioassay at 12.5% concentration for both fathead minnow and Daphnia pulex.

FRELO Hydrocarbon Converter is particularly unique in that it renders the residue environmentally safe. On ground or water, Frelo Hydrocarbon Converter does the job quickly and efficiently. Eliminates the need for costly soil removal and/or replacement.

FRELO Hydrocarbon Converter A non-toxic planet-friendly solution that reduces costs and saves time.
Oil Spills
Fuel Oil Leakage
Transformer PCB
Gas Spills
Crude Oil
Oil Sludge
Coal Oil Drilling
Industrial Locations
Gas Stations
Marine Ports
Engine Repair Shops
Railroad Ties

Download the FRELO Hydrocarbon Converter Brochure For more detailed information about FRELO Hydrocarbon Converter, download our brochure or call our office at (870)777-7637. If you still have questions email us and we will be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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